memorable animations at an affordable price.

Using traditional stop motion techniques, with a focus on paper cutout animation, tucked in a studio, somewhere in San Francisco, animation magic is being made.

Whether you are looking for a short animated gif to promote your brand or want to create a music video, I’ll work with you throughout the creative process to bring your projects to life.


#1 Brainstorm. Let’s discuss aesthetics and preferences. From there I can come up with a concept.

#2 Storyboard & Setup. From a preliminary meeting I can storyboard a concept, create props and other elements.

#3 Let’s bring this baby to life! Once the storyboard and setup stages are complete, then I can begin the process of lighting, shooting and then editing the final product.

#4 Finish. Videos are created with great attention to detail. Together we can review the work and get the video out into the world!



Repurposed Work. I’ve created a lot of fun stop motion pieces that can be repurposed, as long as they aren’t already made for a client. Here is a library of past videos. Maybe something is a match for you? Some digital additions, like a name or logo, can be added. Browse


Animated branding is so much more dynamic than still images. Get your company name, product, album release, or other news shared in a visually-dynamic video. Formats will be social media ready. Example


Music Video Short. This is shorter than a full-length video and serves as a teaser for the release of a single song or album release. Comes with clips ready to use on social media platforms. Example


Full-Length Music Videos. Comes with two clips ready to share on social media platforms. Example



A full length video is on average around 4 minutes and takes two months from start to finish. A music video teaser is around 2 minutes and requires a month. Branding gifs take are about 20 seconds and can be completed in 3-4weeks. Timeframes and total times on each video can be negotiated and adjusted based on your exact project.


Email for a price estimate.


Please note: all projects require a 20% down payment to get started. #FreelanceLife